Sha-Shib Scholarship & Aptitude Test (SSAT)

Sha-Shib Scholarship & Aptitude Test (SSAT) is a national level Entrance Test being conducted since 2011 for admission in various courses in Aviation Industry viz. Commercial Pilot License, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Cabin Crew/Airhostess, Ground Staff etc. run by the institutes under Sha-Shib Group of Institutions.

This exam is conducted with a motive to identity the deserving candidate for the admission in the courses opted by them and to provide scholarship in case they get selected. Scholarship provided by Sha-Shib Group for the courses run at its different campuses, across the India.

Note: Merely appearing for this test or scoring high does not assure the admission in the course chosen by the candidates. The candidate has to fulfill all the eligibility criteria laid down by the relevant authority from which the course is approved/ affiliated for their admission in that particular course.

Scholarship is provided to the qualifying candidates in the form of fee concession/fee discount/fee waiver in any of the institutes under Sha-Shib Group, Prevailing tax (if any) will be borne by the student as per the prevailing Govt. rules.

A candidate should fulfil certain criteria to avail the Scholarship.

Category A (Based on Performance in SSAT 2019)
Name of the Scholarship Scholarship (%) Criteria
Platinum Scholar 25% Above 90% in SSAT 2019
Diamond Scholar 20% Above 85% in SSAT 2019
Gold Scholar 15% Above 70% in SSAT 2019
Silver Scholar 10% Above 65% in SSAT 2019
Bronze Scholar 5% Above 60% in SSAT 2019

The fee % discount or fee concession is applicable for the tuition fee of the course chosen by the applicant.

Category B (I) Based on Marks Scored in Class XII Board Exam. Class XII Boards other than CBSE Board where Marks system is applicable (Marit Scholarship).
Name of the Scholarship Scholarship (%) Criteria
Mega Scorer 30% Students who have scoured 90% & above in Class XII board exam are eligible for this scholarship.
Super Scorer 20% Students who have scoured 85% & above in Class XII board exam are eligible for this scholarship.
Star Scorer 10% Students who have scoured 80% & above in Class XII board exam are eligible for this scholarship.

Category B (II) Based on CBSE/ICSE Board Class XII Exam performance where Grade System is applicable (Marit Scholarship)
Grade Scholarship (%)
A1 in all subjects 30%
A1 + A1 (Science & Mathematics) 25%
A1 + A2 (Science & Mathematics) 15%
A2 + A2 (Science & Mathematics) 10%